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Good Reads for Runners

Recommended Books for Running

There are few ways to find better motivation then cozying up to a great running book. Below are listed a few options based on your interests, hopefully propelling you into a new year of great running.

For the History Buff Runner

“Running with the Legends” by Michael Sandrock, while certainly far from complete, is about as comprehensive a history of distance running as you could read. Being a runner himself, Sandrock explores 21 different runners and their careers, in addition to small excerpts on countless other runners and coaches. This book can be a little challenging to find, but absolutely worth it for anyone who wants to know the history of the sport and understand how some of the best runners trained over the past century.

For the Science Geek Runner

Not limited to running completely, “The Sports Gene” by David Epstein covers runners and the science behind success as well as any book out there. Breaking down what makes great runners (and athletes in general), this is a very interesting and digestible read for anyone. From the best sprinters to the great marathoners of the world, you’ll get an understanding of the complexities behind those medal-winning performances in the Olympics, where those runners make it somehow look so simple and easy.

For the Passionate Runner

This book may truly be the best novel written on distance running. “Once a Runner” by John L. Parker Jr. chronicles a young runner pursuing an elite level of racing in the mile. It covers all the physical, mental and emotional aspects of training, racing and life in a much more poetic way than any training book ever could. This is by far one of the most beloved novels amongst runners, and for good reasons. It’s a great read!

Dewey Peacock
Bridger Orthopedic Trainer, Long Time Bozeman Area Runner, 2x Jim Bridger Champion, Pub Run Champion, 2nd Place Ridge Run, Aging Less Gracefully as a Runner