surgery prep

Preparing for Surgery  

We understand scheduling surgery can be overwhelming and stressful for some people.  Once you and your surgeon decide that surgery will help you, you will receive a phone call from one of surgery coordinators.  The surgery coordinator will work with you to look at available surgery dates and walk you through the scheduling process.   

Surgery check in time 

Surgery check in times are finalized the day before surgery and are determined by medical necessity, age, type of surgery, and a variety of other factors.  You will receive a phone call one working day before surgery from the facility with your check in time and further instructions for eating & drinking.  Please note occasionally the check in times may change and you will receive a 2nd phone call with a new time & instructions. 

If you do not know your check in time by 3:00PM one working day before surgery, please call the facility where you are having surgery.   Check in times can range between 5:30AM-3:00PM. 

Bridger Orthopedic does not have access to your check in time, you must call the facility. 

Surgery Center and Hospital Affiliations

Our surgeons at Bridger Orthopedic have hospital or surgery center affiliations with: