Skellie Art Contest

Let's Get Creative Gallatin Valley!

Bridger Orthopedic is sponsoring an art contest to inspire our area’s young artists AND to create the newest SKELLIE.

All artwork should represent a human skeleton(s) (or parts of a human skeleton) performing some sort of activity.

Deadline for 2021-2022 School Year: April 15

Contest Grade Groups:

  • Elementary:  K-4th
  • Intermediate/Middle School:  5th-8th
  • High School:  9th-12th


  • Winning designs from each grade-group, each semester, will be considered to be featured on a Skellie T-shirt, to be distributed to Bridger Orthopedic patients
  • Winning artwork will be displayed at Bridger Orthopedic Offices
  • Each winning artist will be awarded a prize pack!
  • Each winner’s school art program will receive a cash prize of $500
  • Skellie T-shirts are distributed to an average of 2,500 Bridger Orthopedic patients each year.

Contest rules:

  1. All artwork submission must represent a human skeleton(s) (or parts of
    a human skeleton) performing some sort of activity. Examples: Playing a
    sport, dancing, participating in rodeo, a hand drawing something, two
    hands holding something etc. Be creative!
  2. Artwork submissions must be 8.5" x 11" and must be hand drawn
    and/or painted (digital creations will not be accepted).
  3. All artwork submissions must 2-dimensional in form. Submissions will
    be via email and should be a photo copy or scan of the original work. (*see 11)
  4. Artwork submissions will be accepted until April 15th. Winning entries will
    be announced one month following submission deadlines.
  5. One winning piece of art will be chosen from each of 3 different
    categories, each semester: Kindergarten-4th Grade, 5th-8th Grade, 9th-
    12th Grade.
  6. Open to all Gallatin Valley Students, Three Forks to Mt Ellis Academy along with all private, home school or public school students.
  7. Winning entries will be chosen by the staff at Bridger Orthopedic.
  8. One artist per semester will be chosen to have their artwork featured
    on a T-shirt design distributed to Bridger Orthopedic patients. Bridger
    Orthopedic reserves the right to have discretion over which artwork is
    chosen to be utilized on T-Shirt designs.
  9. All winning entries will become the property of Bridger Orthopedic and
    be displayed in their office spaces along with other & past winning
    entries. A copywrite release will be signed by the parents/guardians of
    the artist (or the artist, if 18 years of age) to allow Bridger Orthopedic
    rights to utilize and reprint the artwork.
  10. A prize pack will be provided to each category winner, each semester.
  11. A $500 award will be given to the school art department of each
    winner, each semester.
  12. *Digital images of artwork must be submitted to by 11:59pm on submission due date.

An artwork spec sheet and contest guidelines will be provided to all Art Departments participating.  Please let us know if your students would like to be involved or if you have any questions.

Winner Anna Grace Wilmington - Petra Academy
2019 High School Winner - Sean Poppleton, Belgrade High School