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Bridger Orthopedic is proud to offer our patients the JOURNEY II XR Active Knee System. This state of the art total knee replacement system combines an implant designed to restore the stability and natural motion of the human knee with low-friction materials that may help extend the longevity of the implant itself.

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Not all patients are candidates for the JOURNEY II XR implant. The JOURNEY II XR implant is indicated for use in total knee replacement patients where the cruciate ligaments and the collateral ligaments remain intact.

Discuss your condition and implant options with your surgeon. Individual results of joint replacement vary. Implants may not produce the same feel or function as your original knee. There are potential risks with knee replacement surgery such as loosening, fracture, dislocation, wear and infection that may result in the need for additional surgery.

NAVIO is not for everyone. Children, pregnant women, patients who have mental or neuromuscular disorders that do not allow control of the knee joint, and morbidly obese patients should not undergo a NAVIO procedure.

This information is for informational and educational purposes and is not meant as medical advice. Consult your physician for details to determine if NAVIO or JOURNEY II XR is right for you.