Hand and Upper Extremity

Amazing flexibility makes our shoulders so versatile and yet so unstable. The elbow is a complex joint that coordinates the movement of the three large bones of the upper extremity. When these vulnerable joints are injured, our lifestyle suffers. From the repair of rotator cuff injuries, to total shoulder replacement surgery, to elbow reconstruction, our upper extremity specialists offer thorough knowledge and experience to restore your shoulder and elbow function.

When the hand is affected by injury or disease, a person’s quality of life can be significantly compromised. Given that our hands are in constant motion – reaching, grasping, carrying and releasing – they are regularly exposed to a number of dangers. They are also susceptible to over-use injuries, such as tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Whether your hand problem results from trauma associated with new injuries, complications of old injuries, arthritic conditions, nerve compression disorders or abnormal growths, you can depend on our hand and wrist specialists to treat your condition with expertise and care.
Robert B. Blake, M.D.
Fellowship Trained in Hand Surgery, Upper Extremity Care
Richard N. Vinglas, M.D.
Fellowship Trained in Hand Surgery, Upper Extremity Care

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